Managing With Respect: Positioning Supervisors and Managers to Successfully Manage in Today’s Workplaces
Benefits of This Program:
  • More productive and effective workplace participants
  • More effective supervisors and managers
  • Minimal workplace conflict
  • Human capital linked to business objectives


  • Expanding responsibilities of supervisors’ and managers’ for the quality of the workplace and workplace interactions
  • Critical role of supervisor in linking human capital to business objectives
  • Legal requirement for a civil, respectful, kinder, and gentler workplace
  • Business interest in a civil, respectful workplace
  • Interests, rights and responsibilities with respect to the workplace environment, interactions, and communications
  • How the quality of the work environment impacts management issues: behavioural issues, performance issues, absenteeism
  • Link between managing with respect and being a successful manager or supervisor
  • New skills to support meeting the challenges of managing in today’s environment
  • Skills for successful employee communications, direction, corrective action, and continuous improvement initiatives

Gain a Support Advantage:

  • Learn to promote an understanding of the supervisor’s role in the current employment environment
  • Learn to promote an understanding of the impact of the current environment on effective management
  • Develop knowledge, commitment, and skill of supervisors to support effective management
  • Understand factors shaping the demands on supervisor/managers

Legal Backdrop

  • ESA: your role and responsibilities regarding terms and conditions of employment
  • Human rights: supervisor’s “due diligence” obligations
  • Duty to accommodate: Getting it right!
  • Common law: duty to ensure a “kinder, gentler workplace”
  • Your role and responsibilities with respect to the quality of the employment environment and interactions
  • Death of mandatory retirement: successfully managing the aging workforce

Non-Legal Backdrop

  • Organization’s philosophy on employee relations
  • Employee expectations/needs
  • Link between motivated human capital and furthering business objectives

Developing Knowledge Skills and Commitment for Effective People Management in Today’s Workplace

  • Significance of supervisor’s role
  • Supervisor’s impact on people
  • Expectations of supervisor
  • Supervisor’s key roles and responsibilities
  • Managing with respect
  • Managing consistently with organization’s values
  • Contributing to organization’s legal compliance deliverables
  • Securing and maintaining appropriate work environments (free from harassment and discrimination, civil and respectful)
  • Facilitating successful accommodation activity
  • Successfully managing the aging workforce
  • Understanding employee needs
  • Providing supervisory direction that responds to employee needs
  • Managing to motivate
  • Managing to maximize every employee’s contribution
  • Traits of a successful supervisor/manager
  • Developing skills for successful direction
  • Providing effective feedback
  • Successfully dealing with a problem employee: Contributing to effective corrective action
  • Contributing to effective performance management and performance evaluation

Why Mangers and Supervisors Will Benefit From this Program

  • Legal developments have significantly reconfigured what are acceptable standards of workplace environment and workplace direction
  • New developments have created significantly new responsibilities and accountabilities for supervisors and managers in dealing with employees
  • Effective management requires an understanding of today’s employees’ needs, rights, and expectations of the workplace
  • New skills, sensibilities, and knowledge are necessary for today’s supervisors and managers to manage successfully
  • Successful management means being positioned to achieve the objectives of the enterprise through effective mobilization, motivation, direction and retention of valuable human capital: The new supervisory challenge
  • Successful management demands that supervisors/ managers positioned to contribute to the employer’s ability meet the contractual and legal obligations of the employment relationship and the current employment environment

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