Benefits Of This Program:
  • Resolve conflict internally
  • Demonstrate commitment to a civil, respectful workplace
  • Develop successful advisory support
  • Know when and how to mediate effectively
  • Perform professional internal complaint investigations


  • Current scope of harassment and expanded obligations
  • Evolving standards and legal requirements for the quality of the work environment
  • How to encourage a culture that supports early reporting and prompt resolution of workplace harassment and workplace conflict issues
  • Menu of support facilitating efficient and effective internal resolution: advisors, mediation support, and skillful investigators
  • Skills for advisory support, mediation, and internal investigations

Fundamentals of Harassment and Harassment Resolution

  • Current scope of harassment at law: new obligations
  • Requirements to support effective internal reporting and resolution
  • Needs of the employee to support internal reporting and access to internal resolution supports
  • Necessity and value of a menu of resolution support: advisory support, mediation, and complaint investigations
  • Empowering the work community to support equality rights compliance and internal resolution
  • Developing skillful internal resolution support
  • Benefits of internal resolution

Develop Effective In-House Resolution Support And Skills

  • Developing skills for successful advisory support
  • Understanding the advisory role
  • Developing traits of an effective advisor
  • Developing advisor skills
  • Delivering advisory support that encourages resolution
  • The Effective Use of Mediation
  • Recognizing when to mediate
  • Securing the parties’ buy-in
  • Preparing for successful mediation
  • Understanding the mediation process
  • Understanding resolution in the context of mediation

Internal Complaint Investigations

  • Developing knowledge and skills for effective investigations that support resolution
  • Understanding preconditions for effective participation in internal investigations
  • Managing the three phases of the investigation resolution process:
    • Phase 1 – Pre-investigative activity
    • Phase 2 – Effective investigative activity
    • Phase 3 – Writing effective investigative reports
  • Using investigative reports for resolution
  • Developing skills of an investigator
  • Conducting effective interviews
  • Dealing effectively with received input
  • Getting it right with objective and supportable determination
  • Preparing reports that facilitate internal resolution

Benefits To Employers And Workplace Participants:

Employer Benefits

  • Reduced risk of human rights complaints to Human Rights Commission
  • Reduced risk of expanding liabilities for harassment
  • Effective in-house resources with the skills, knowledge, and commitment to resolve harassment issues and workplace conflict issues

Employee Benefits

  • Employer’s commitment to guaranteeing equality rights in the workplace
  • Options for resolution support
  • Resolution support that offers efficiency, confidentiality and effectiveness
  • Encouragement for compliance with expectations of an equality rights environment

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