COVID-19: Lessons from the HR Trenches

Perhaps now more than ever before, the lawyers at Stringer LLP have been deeply engaged, supporting clients who face significant, even existential challenges.  The pandemic has not only produced its own share of HR issues, but it has exposed the spackled-over cracks in many fundamental legal principles and legislation.  As the Canadian economy transitions open and fear of a potential second wave looms, now is the perfect time to assess where we are, what’s worked for employers and what hasn’t, and to chart a course forward.

On July 30, 2020, this webinar addressed:

  • Lessons drawn from family status and medical leave accommodation issues
  • Experience to date with subsidies and similar government programs, and preparing to meet the challenges which re-emerge when programs end
  • Considerations for implementing temporary and permanent changes while avoiding dismissal claims
  • Practical issues and responses for implementing the various government safety guidelines
  • Recent experience with health and safety precautions and work refusals

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